Succubus Heat - Richelle Mead “I stared. "Canadian Satanists? You're sending me to a group of Canadian Satanists?”Spoilers for book 3Man when a succubus falls off the wagon she really falls off the wagon. Seth ended things in the hopes of saving Georgina pain in the future since he is mortal and she is immortal. At first she crawled in a ball and didn’t do anything but now she has fallen so far off the wagon that she is taking victims right and left and really trying to screw them over. It doesn’t help that she has to see Seth and his new girlfriend Maddie all the time at the bookstore and everywhere else it seems. She herself is dating Dante who she feels at least gets her at the moment. Jerome trying to get Georgina out of her funk has sent her to spy on a group of Canadian Satanists and another Archdemon he is having a dispute with. While the Satanists seem sort of ridiculous in what they consider demonic shenanigans it is apparent there is a plot a foot when Jerome disappears and suddenly everything changes for Georgina as her powers are put on hold. Now Georgina needs to find Jerome before someone else gets put in his place succubus powers or no.“You can't," I murmured, swallowing the tears back with great effort. "You can't keep saving me, can't keep trying to. It's too late.""No," he said. His heart was in his eyes, and it was ripping mine apart. "Not for you. Never.”This was definitely darker than the other books in the series. Georgina has really lost some of her humanity since Seth dumped her. She is floundering, angry and almost a little vengeful at times. She is really hard to like in the first part of the book as she seems to be spiraling out of control. But I really enjoyed seeing Seth come out of his shell a little more in this book. It seems he too has changed and is branching out since his near death experience. When Georgina’s succubus powers are put on hold everything between them is tested yet again and it was really interesting to see where that went. While some might be a little upset I really felt the story held true. If the one thing that kept you apart was gone what would you do? I was so happy to see them hook up while she didn’t have powers and the office scene was great. I’m unusually fine with the cheating because honestly I really never seen them as belonging with the other people they are with.“Georgina," He murmured, pulling me closer. "You are the world.” There is some heartbreak in this tale as well as some unusual twists I really didn’t see the end playing out the way it did. I was happy see one of my favorite characters come back into play. There were also some peppering of Georgina’s past that make me even more sure of my hunches as to who Seth is and why they are connected. Definitely becoming one of my favorite adult series.