In Time (The Darkest Minds, #1.5) - Alexandra Bracken This was an interesting look at some of the stuff that Ruby could not have told us about from her perspective in the world after the virus and death of most of the youth of America. Probably not required reading for the series but definitely interesting and engaging. Good if you want to know more about the grown-ups in the world post virus and the different groups in play.After the economic crash most people lost everything. Doug is one of those people, he lost a father and family business. To make ends meet he is going to try and become a skip tracer but after finding his first kid he finds it is not as easy as he thought it would be.Even though there was no Liam in this we get to see what happened to Zu after she left the group. I love Zu and hope that she finds her way back to Liam and Ruby and hopefully (crosses fingers) Chubs in the future. She is always so likable and expressive especially for someone that doesn’t talk. I did not expect this to end the way it did. Alexandra Bracken surprised me and took a chance most authors don’t take when writing. I grew too really like Doug and never thought things in the story would end like they did.Looking forward to Never Fade coming out this fall.