Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins 4.5 Stars “I blame it on his pants.”If that hasn’t done me in a time or two before as well.I was surprised how much I liked Anna and the French Kiss and I wasn’t sure that I could make a connection like that again with another YA book, it is hard to rekindle that type of magic but I felt it all over again in a different way for Lola and the Boy Next Door. No two love stories are exactly the same but this one gave me the same happy feeling that Anna and the French Kiss did.Lola and Cricket are such interesting characters and funny. Lola dressing in a different outfit/costume every day is so interesting and daring. “I don't believe in fashion. I believe in costume. Life is too short to be same person every day.” I liked that she was who she was, flaws and all and she was definitely flawed but in some adorable ways. She was also dating someone who was completely wrong for her in so many ways, but he was the older cool guy and who hasn’t got caught up in that once or twice.I absolutely adored Cricket and all of his idiosyncrasies, the rubber bands, the notes on his hand, the Rube Goldberg machines and even his hair. They are gave him such great depth I was pulling for him from the beginning. The fact that he is brilliant, shy, speaks with his entire body and completely kind were all just bonuses. “People should say what they mean and not make other people stumble around.”There is a whole picture painted of Lola’s life with her gay dads, absentee mother and super sleuth best friend. I enjoyed the entire story surrounding her. Sure she made some mistakes but who didn’t when they were seventeen and she seemed to have a little problem with the truth for a while but her character really had some growth throughout the book. The thing I liked the best about Lola is that after one boy is out of her life she doesn’t just jump in with another to fill the hole that is left there. It was done in such a great way, she wanted to be completely herself before she gave herself to another person and I loved that message. Plus it didn’t come off as preachy or anything else it just seemed natural to her character. And now a Segway over to Anna and Etienne. I was so excited to see them show up periodically in the book. I had dreams of where they went after AatFK but it was so good to have them peppered into the story with Lola. I glutinously enjoyed looking at them through Lola’s eyes and just how perfect they still seemed.The storyline of this is cute, adorable, tender and really touching at times. This is a great read if you need or want a feel good book. After finishing it I felt very good about life, the moon, the stars and everything else in the world I might feel good enough to bake a pie.