One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost What can I say I love Bones and Cat they are one of my favorite series couples. I will probably read this series until it ends no matter what. That said this isn’t the best book in the series, it isn’t the second best book it is a little muddled as to where it falls for me. It is still fun and if you like the others well you might as well read it to revisit all of your favorite characters but it isn’t a must per say.The humor is still there although not as much. Actually, Ian was the funniest person in this book, if not for him I think most of it would have fallen a little flat. Some parts of it were a little ridiculous, if you see a mythological dragon pop up in the house you’ll know what I mean, I thought of Fonzy jumping a shark when that happened. The bad guy is awful, as in he is a really hideous bad guy and I enjoyed the premise of that quite a bit. I actually think this book was more of a filler to give a little bit background for the next book involving Cat’s old team which could set up to be a better story overall. I still liked it, nothing was entirely too memorable in the story but it was still better than many of the other books out there and if you have some time and not sure what else to read well them come visit your old friends again.