Splintered - A.G. Howard Alyssa’s mom as in an asylum and Alyssa thinks she might be just as crazy as the rest of the women of her family. For one she hears things, not just random voices but the bugs and the flowers talk to her.“I've been collecting bugs since I was ten; it's the only way I can stop their whispers. Sticking a pin through the gut of an insect shuts it up pretty quick.”It is an unusual life being the great-great-great granddaughter of Alice who inspired Lewis Carroll’s Alice in wonderland and it is becoming more unusual all the time. Her art seems to move like it is alive sometimes, she see things out of the corner of her eye in mirrors and there is a new voice calling to her asking her to find him. All of which is making her feel like maybe she is just as crazy as her mom and about to lose control, until……Alice in Wonderland has never been a favorite tale of mine. I think Disney scared the bejeezes out of me as a kid. Come on that place was freaky and parts were dark compared to the princess stories of Disney. I loved this re-envisioning of wonderland and Alice using Alyssa’s tale. It was different than I expected still dark, disturbing and crazy at times but also sexy sensual and mysterious in others. The descriptions of wonderland were filled with details but never boring with details. Alyssa is likeable and you are pulling for her to make it through wonderland to save her mom from her declining mental state. This is a loose re- imagination. It tells a completely different side of a story I was surprised by the direction the author took pleasantly so. It didn’t feel like the same story, wonderland is just a setting the story is completely changed.I liked that Alyssa has two sides to her. She has her mortal side that is reserved, normal and heroic and her wonderland side that is the opposite full of chaos, recklessness and darkness. The love story is sweet with the boy next door Jeb who followed her through the looking glass. Jeb, her mortal knight, I’m a sucker for the good wholesome I’d die for you boy next door. Morpheus is a mystery of dark and shadows, hidden agendas and trouble. He is a well thought out character that while drawn to him you are also afraid of who he is in the story. Each one is perfect for exactly one of Alyssa’s sides, who will win in the end depends entirely on who Alyssa decides so be.Fantastically imagined, I will be excited to read the next book in this series. Great for those who love fairy tales and fantasy.