Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost 3.75 StarsVlad fans this one is for you.“I’m the only authentic Vlad. Everyone else is merely an envious imitation.”Vlad was one of my favorite characters from the Night Huntress series and in this book I don’t think he disappoints. JF did a great job of making Vlad completely likable while still impaling people who fail him on stakes. You could read this book without reading the Night Huntress Series but I think that it wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable.Leila has the unusual talent of generating and conducting electricity. This makes dating impossible when a mere touch can electrocute your date, even if ‘sparks flying’ is supposed to be a good thing. She can also see the past and the future when she touches objects and/or people. This has been the burden she has carried over the last ten years it also makes her a hot commodity once it is discovered.Someone is trying to ambush and kill Vlad and Leila has agreed to help him figure out who his enemy is. But sparks really do fly when they start spending time together. He is the first man able to touch her without dire consequences. Add to that he is deadly sexy and just admit it resistance is futile. “Vlad Tepesh, former voivode of Wallachia and the most arrogant, deadly, frightening man I’ve ever met.”His lips curled with disdainful amusement. “Compliments won’t sway me any more than the word please, Leila.”I enjoyed the pacing and getting to know Vlad a little better although I would have loved to see a few chapters from his POV. The sexy deadly vampire who lost his ability to love long ago, or did he? Still the story was engaging and there are a few pretty hot scenes thrown in for good measure. Definitely entertaining, even though Vlad and Leila are no Cat and Bones the dynamic is still strong. Here is hoping the next book in this series is just as fun.