The King's Guard - Rae Carson 4.5 starsHow can you not adore Hector? He is everything that a hero should be stoic, sweet, honorable, trustworthy, loyal and honest. It seems that he has been that way his whole life. Hector is trying to join the royal guard to do that he must leave everything behind from his life except three personal items. He must also endure some hazing as the Kings friend and the youngest recruit. The Queen is pregnant and ill, in desperation Hector is sent on a mission that will help the King and Kingdom in case she doesn’t make it.Honestly this story was so different from what I thought it was going to be. I mean that in the best way possible it was just more. While it isn’t necessary to read the novella for the series it was a fascinating look into a turn of events that happened before GoFaT. I didn’t see the twist coming until it smacked me alongside my head. This is where Hector was really set on his path to become the Lord Commander at such a young age and you could clearly see why by the end of the story. The Queen Rosaura was so gentile and kind it is tragic that child birth weakened her so much that she would die so young.I definitely recommend this novella as well as The Shattered Mountain about Mara. They are great stories that add to the overall character development of two of the people Elisa loves.