Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn 4.5 stars“Friends see most of each other’s flaws. Spouses see every awful last bit.”This is an odd book to review because I don’t want to give anything away and spoil the surprises, of which there are many, for anyone. I don’t read many mysteries, this isn’t because I don’t like them, I love them when they are good but I’m also impatient with them. I want to know how it is going to work out right now and like a kid before Christmas it is so hard for me to wait to unwrap the presents. This one was torturous to not unwrap and peak to see what would happen and how things would work out in the end. I literally had to slap my hand and say “NO” do not peak.This is not a book for people who like two dimensional characters where one is almost perfect and you can clearly root for that character to win, to save the day or get their just desserts. No this is a complicated character book where people are good and bad and really good and extraordinarily bad along with wickedly smart. This is a book that shifted what I wanted to happen in the end more than once. Normally I can pick out who I want to get whatever the prize in the bottom of the cereal box is and I can stick with that. However, I changed my mind numerous times and felt torn about so many of the issues in the story. I can see why people love this book or hate this book and there really isn’t a lot of in-between. I don’t need to love the characters to love a book, sure it helps, but I don’t’ need to if the story is there. I liked this book so much because the story was there. But if you have to love the characters to love the book this might not be for you. Don’t get me wrong they were likeable, understandable but definitely and totally full of flaws. I was kept on the edge of my seat with what could possibly happen next. Here is as much as I think I can say without ruining it for anyone. Nick and Amy met fell in love and got married. They were the best versions of themselves for a while they lead a charming life together. But life happened, time went on and five years later they are not the same people anymore. Nick hasn’t really been a great husband for some time and Amy vanishes on their 5 year anniversary under unusual circumstances. In the aftermath the story unfolds to reveal Amy and Nick’s life together and what might have happened to Amy. Yep, that is about all I can say.Gone Girl is a rollercoaster ride, with small details dished out here and there. This is smart and wickedly intriguing. I don’t think there is anyone who can say completely oh yeah I saw that coming. Because even what I thought I saw coming didn’t end up being anything close to what the truth of it was.