Eve & Adam - Michael  Grant, Katherine Applegate 3.5 StarsYou said you couldn’t go out with Tad why?” I mumble somethingAislin cups a hand to her ear. “What was that, now? You couldn’t go out with Tad because….?”“Because his name is Tad!” I yell in frustration. “How can I date a guy named Tad? It is a ridiculous name.”Evening has always been picky when it comes to boys. She has been asked out a time or ten but always seems to find something wrong with them. Eve and Adam is an interesting take on if you could make the perfect man, would he be perfect? There are also some moral quandaries about science, cloning and genetic modification but the story is told in a fun way so they aren’t heavy. If you don’t get to thinkie about the story it is a fun ride. I’m sure from a science perspective you could tear it apart limb from limb but it is science fiction not science fact so I just went with it.Evening is the daughter of a powerful woman who runs a major Biopharmaceutical company, a slightly sketchy biopharmaceutical company.As drug companies go, Striker’s the bad boy on the Harley you dad doesn’t want you to date.After an accident involving biking and texting, don’t bike and text, she ends up in the care of her mother at said drug company. There she meets Solo a peculiar boy that seems to know all about her even though she knows nothing about him. He has lived at the company for the last six years and he knows things that he isn’t sharing about her mother and what Striker is up too. Eve also has a best friend Aislin who is wild and free and definitely picks the wrong men. They are complete opposites but the dialog between them is entertaining.This is a fun easy read; it is quick paced with a lot of action, hijinks, good guys, drug dealers and morally ambiguous scientists. It alternates POV between Solo and Eve for the most part and chapters alternate quickly which for me helped give a fuller picture of multiple sides of the story. I believe this is still a stand-alone book and it wrapped up nicely at the end. If there is a sequel I will probably read it since it was easy and entertaining. Because let’s face it sometimes you need easy and entertaining, I believe Will Ferrell has built an entire career on that fact.