Everfound - Neal Shusterman Trilogies usually go one of two ways for me. I’m either disappointed that the author didn’t tie up a loose ends and rushes the story so it doesn’t feel completed, which is disappointing. Or at the end of the spectrum everything is done nicely and everyone is moving on starting there new lives having triumphed and I want to desperately have another book to find out what happens next. But rarely, just rarely an author is masterful and is able to end the story with you feeling like yes I went through that and I know where their lives are going, I’m okay to say goodbye to this world, story and characters, this is where we should part ways and I feel good about it. This is one of those trilogies, where I went for the ride and it was fantastic, I loved the world the characters and story. It wasn’t all a happy endings but everything seemed to come out as it should be at the end and I felt okay when I put the book down.This is a fantastic wrap up with all the old characters from books 1 and 2 and just enough new elements added in to keep it interesting fresh and fun. I forgave people I didn’t think I would, I hated others more than I had and some endings were so unexpected that I really didn’t see it coming but later thought how could it have ended any differently for them. It is an epic journey for Nick, Allie, Mikey and Mary full of unexpected turns of events and absolute horrors for the sake of a cause. I really don’t want to give much away because there was so much and it unfolded so perfectly.Neal Shusterman really has a way of telling a story that is layered. There are deep undertones to his entertaining stories that really make you think and sometimes you don’t realize he has pushed your buttons until long after they have been pushed. I empathized with Mary because she truly believed what she was doing was right. I hated Milos for following Mary and later I felt so bad for his fate. Nick and Allie are always easy to root for and I think their fates ended perfectly. Mikey came a long way from the monster he used to be and his time with Allie was so special, that were written perfectly for each other. Honestly this is one of the best middle grade YA trilogies I’ve ever read.