Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones Possible minor spoilers for books 1-3“He's an enigma wrapped up in sensuality padlocked with a dozen chains of desire and topped off with a razor-sharp ribbon of danger. There are more layers to him than a billionaire's wedding cake.”You can say that again. I like Charley she has a witty, sarcastic and dark sense of humor I enjoy but, I’m reading this series almost entirely for Reyes. Four books in now and I’m still not sure if he will be the end of the world as we know it or if all of that is just a lie the devil wants us to believe. I’m not even sure now if he knows which side he is really playing for. Reyes’s actions seem mostly good however what he says is sometimes so hard and conflicted….ugh I’m so confused I really want him to be on team good. Of course there is the PI story helping a woman find out why someone is leaving dead bunnies on her bed and cutting her brakes. Charley is not the absolutely strong on girl she has been in the past. She is suffering from some form of PTSD after being tortured in her apartment and reluctantly takes a case after being held up in her apartment for the last few months avoiding everyone and everything in the world except her to be named later couch. Charley does have a penchant for naming random things from her breasts and jeep to now her couch and after that her life.I liked that in this book we get a deeper sense of Charley she is vulnerable and not as strong as in the other books. I think she has really grown some emotionally from the spitfire fearless girl that she was. I still want to see more of what she can do, as Angle puts it in the book “Quit acting like you are human.”And I agree….I want to see more Grim Reaper awesomesauce, theoretically she is more powerful than even Reyes if she can figure it out. There are a few new power reveals but she still seems so week by comparison. We also get to see a more corporeal side of Reyes as well and I like him even better in the flesh. He is forever Charley’s protector and while she does some stupid stuff and thinks she doesn’t affect him much I always think it is abundantly clear that everything he is doing is for her. It might also be for his endgame but I don’t know yet. I really hope it is all for Charley.We also get some backstory for the Grim Reapers, what they are and where they come from. I really liked that Reyes and Charley had actual conversions, full meaningful ones, in this installment. Plus chapter 17 was a welcome and nice surprise I’d take that kind of therapy any day.There is still some fun with friends as we see some of our favorites from books past. Cookie and Amber are endearing in their attempts to help Charley cope with her PTSD. Gemma is becoming a favorite character of mine as she tries to bond with her estranged sister. Charley’s interactions with her father after his betrayal, oh I have theories about that, even her stepmonster might be deeper than originally thought. Garrett plays a small role and has been changed since being shot but he was absent for most of the story, but I’m sure he will play a bigger part later.Finally…….there is her protector Artemis, who kicks ass. Artemis seems to be the most bad-ass of all the characters. She kicks demon but and then some, now if Charley could figure out how to be just as bad-ass the next books could hit a whole new level. If you are a fan of the series I think this is probably one of the best of the series thus far. The characters are beginning to seem more three dimensional and real now. But the item that I took away from the book to add to my personal life is: Brownies were like spare batteries. One could never have too many in the house.True That!!! I agree you can never have to many brownies.