Lips Touch: Three Times - Jim Di Bartolo, Laini Taylor “Kizzy wanted it all so bad her soul leaned half out of her body hungering after it, and that was what drove the goblins wild, her soul hanging out there like an untucked shirt.”Ah….Lani Taylor is a lyrical writer, her words just flow and ebb like the ocean in the background calming and relaxing you. She has this great way of painting a picture, building a metaphor that is as unique as the story she is writing. Lips touch has three different novellas all involving a kiss. All three stories are completely different from each other however, the significance of the kiss in them is the same. Each one has life altering capabilities. Story one is about a girl from a slightly magical family who longs to be everything she is not. The second story is about a young woman cursed from birth. If she speaks everyone who hears her will die, but is the curse true or just a story. When a soldier finds her diary on a train and falls in love she must decide if she wants to risk it. The last story is about a girl that finds out she is tied to shape shifting creatures that live in the woods and keep humans as pets until they come to reproduction age to breed. All of the stories are told with a bit of lore to them and all are so fantastically different.“It was Kizzy's first kiss and maybe it was her last and it was delicious.”I really want to roam around in Lani Taylor’s mind. I think it would be full of fairy dust, nymphs, cherubs and cotton candy. The imagination she has to create a story that could seem almost real to life but is so drenched in fantasy is wonderful. All three novellas were beautiful and terrible. The worlds with goblins, demons, shape shifters and curses each hold something of their own and I get lost in the language of it. She can turn a powerful phrase to captivate the audience from the beginning.“The thing is, you throw brains and souls into an animal and stir, you don’t really know what you’re going to get.”If you haven’t read a story by Lani Taylor this is a good way to start and sample some of her work that I have heard affectionately called word porn before. She is one of the authors that I always recommend listening to the audiobook as well as they are fantastically done and I believe her works are even better when listened to aloud.