A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness, Jim Kay

“There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”


I was not ready for this book. I saw it at the library and remembered vaguely someone saying something about the illustrations so I got it for a little light reading. Just a little FYI this is not a light read. This is a break your heart, in a good way if that is possible read. All the same it is well worth reading and deals with a very heavy subject in an entertaining and well told manner.


Conner it a good kid, better than most boys his age, he has to be. But he has so many problems. His mom is sick, his dad is off in America with his ‘new’ family, his Grandmother just doesn’t understand him, everyone at school is treating Conner differently because they all know about his mom and the school bully has Conner as his favorite target.


“Because I'm not blind to how Harry works, you know," she said. "A bully with a charisma and top marks is still a bully." She sighed, annoyed. "He'll probably end up Prime Minister one day. God help us all.”


There are so many heartbreaking moments where you just want to hug Conner. He is so young to be dealing with so much. The Monster that comes to him is unique and teaches Conner things in a way that he has to face who he is. The morals in the stories that the Monster tells are poignant and the lessons Conner takes away from his time with the Monster will change his life forever. The story is wonderful and terrible. There is so much hope but there is also the loss. This is probably a great read for any MG/YA, especially those who have had a major loss in their lives. Be prepared by having a few tissues on standby.