Reached - Ally Condie

Warning I didn't really enjoy this book and so my review might be a little snarky. If you liked this series at all you should not read my review.

This book is full of poetry and longing much like the other two books that preceded it. I had issues with this one as well as I never bought into the unyielding love between Casha and Ky, I always preferred Xander as a character above all of them. For months they have been separated and Casha still talks dreamily about Ky like they’ve known each other for a lifetime. All the characters are separated for so long and the rebellion that has been building for two other books ends up trying to take over by using a plague but then the plague mutates and now everyone is just struggling to survive.

I was sorely disappointed by the direction the rising took. It was clear from the beginning that it was just going to be another form of society. Instead of wearing white, they wear black and they run things almost all the same. Also I take issue with the jobs each of the characters were given. I guess Casha is like a statistician and that is what sorting is and maybe Ky was given enough training in a few months to fly, but then Xander is practically a doctor. These kids were like 17 and had the jobs of thirtysomethings. There were so many unneeded little story lines like that with the archivists. Some of the other stuff I just never bought into. People with the plague were kind of bound to the people they cared about so they knew when they died. I rolled my eyes more in this book than any other I’ve ever read.

I don’t have any quotes to give from the book because I just didn’t care about any of it. I will do a brief highly over simplified synopsis of the entire series so you will know if it is something you will like.

Book 1
The society can only have 100 of anything. 100 dresses, poems, songs, history lessons, science lessons, stories etc.
When you are 80 they kill you with poison
When you are 17 they pick who you will spend the rest of your life with
Girl 1 has been practically in love with boy 1 all her life.
Girl 1 and Boy 1 and matched and will eventually get married and live happily ever after.
Boy 2 shows Girl 1 how to write and tells his story through pictures.
Girl 1 forgets she has loved Boy 1 forever and tells Boy 2 she loves him
Boy 2 is found out to be against the society and is sent away
Girl 1 swears to find him

Boy 2 is in a camp that gets bombed, makes some friends and excapes
Girl 1 makes friends with Girl 2 and they run off to find Boy 2
Boy 1 is sorely missed by me most of this entire book but he did give Girl 1 blue pills
Girl 1 finds Boy 2 and yay they will be together forever but have to go through a canyon
They all find a village and more poetry
Girl 2 makes a play for Boy 2 but he says “nah”
Girl 1 and Girl 2 leave Boy 2 and go down a river n a raft to join the Rising
Boy 2 meets them at the rising camp
The rising splits Boy 2 and Girl 1 up and send them to be in different places for the rebellion and they say ”ok” even though they spent the whole book trying to find each other and be together.

Yep out of all the dystopian series I have read this year this was my least favorite.