Four: The Transfer: A Divergent Story - Veronica Roth

Four Fun but not mandatory

I like Four throughout the Divergent series. I’m especially excited to read some POVs from him in the upcoming book. I always wanted to get a deeper understanding of him and his past which is why I read this story.

The Transfer gives a look at Tobias Eaton on the day of the aptitude test through the first day of initiation. If you have read Divergent then you know which faction he chose and what he wanted to get away from. This story leads you through the process of his decision and shows what his life was like inside Tobias’s house with his father Marcus. It gives an unabashed look at the cruelty of his father Marcus and the life he desperately wanted to escape from.

I like the story, Tobias started out a little different than I expected but the story made sense and I liked seeing Tori and Amar taking Tobias under their wing.

This is a fast fun read if you want a little more depth to your understanding of Tobias. It isn’t mandatory to the Divergent story line so if you don’t read it you will not be missing anything either, except the fun of the Divergent world that is.