Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones

“What’s your specialty?”
“Oh you know. Madness. Mayhem. Debauchery. And even with all that going for me, I can still make a mean mojito.

Charley is always fun! She is quick-witted, sarcastic, funny and ADD (so a little all over the place at times). I love her dark sense of humor and how she uses it as a coping function most of the time. Reyes, well he is the mystery I really want to solve. I find him utterly fascinating with his broken past, supernatural powers, unyielding loyalty to Charley and perfect use of Post-It notes.

I liked this book more than any in this series so far except maybe the first. The interactions between Charley and Reyes are becoming deeper and more real. I really like getting a more emotional sense of their relationship to counterbalance the physical aspects of it, even though the physical aspect is fun too.

“Our relationship was a lot like underwear in a dryer without a static control sheet. One minute we were floating through life, buoyant and carefree. The next we were attached at the crotch.”

I really enjoy how the story of what Charley ‘is’ unfolds a little more in this story and the explanation of why Satan wants her so much. Garrett surprised me a few times in this installment; there is some explanation into his past and more understanding of what a happened when he died. I like where the story seems to be going in regard to the overall series plotline of Charley it is getting really interesting and I wonder what she will learn next. Because we all know there will eventually be a big showdown with Reyes’s daddy.

There is the episodic case that Charley has to close it seems a serial killer is on the loose and all the victims are showing up in Charley’s apartment. There are also the suspicious arsons that all seem to be happening at all Reyes’s prior abodes to solve. Plus her old high school bff turned backstabber keeps showing up at her dad’s bar which is unsettling. I really like a few of the side characters they have grown on me so much. Uncle Bob (Ubie) is one of my favorites and he really pulls through at a critical time for Charley, it was extremely touching and a great show of the bond they share.

But ultimately I <3<3<3 the love story unfolding between Charley and Reyes. It is one of my favorite parts of the series and this book had that in spades.

”You,” he said, his voice lowering an octave. “I want you, Dutch, body and soul. I want you in my bed every night. I want you there when I wake up in the morning. I want your clothes strung across my apartment and your scent on my skin.”

Ah swoon. No one talks like that in real life….but they should.