Third Grave Dead Ahead - Darynda Jones What in the name of Zeus’s testicles?There are things I love about this series and then there are things I put up with because I want more of the things I love in this series. Don’t get me wrong the side stories of the PI business are fun but I’m in the series for the Charley/Reyes connection. Reyes is an ultimate alpha male and I want to solve the enigma that is him. Three books in and I’m not sure what his endgame is but I’m hooked I’d managed to dodge sleep like it was an ex-boyfriend with herpes for almost two weeks straightCharley is trying to stay awake because whenever she falls asleep Reyes is there and he is mad Charley bound him to his corporal body, although that doesn’t stop him from wanting her. Didn’t Charley ever learn men don’t like to feel trapped. All hyped up on java juice to make it through her days she takes on a case of a missing woman. She also is looking for Earl Walker, formally thought to be dead but maybe he isn’t.This still has a plethora of witty ADD one liners and back and forth dialog throughout that is sarcastic and dark, totally my kind of humor. Reyes and Charley do get some time together and it is never enough for me. Just when I think they are going to team up and work together they separate again for various reasons and just can’t seem to get on the same page. But we do get a deeper look into the man that is Reyes.I always find the writing funny and smart with just enough surprises to keep me thoroughly engaged. Yes the PI stories are much like an episode of Nancy Drew only less PG, but the underlying story is intriguing and different. I didn’t expect Mistress Marigold to turn out to be who she was and who makes the lead man the Son of Satan with a heart of…..silver. Definitely a precious metal but not good enough to be gold for sure. Maybe I should feel bad I like him so much, but I don’t I’m pulling for him in the end. I appreciate that Darynda Jones has thought outside of the box on many of the details of the story.I can’t wait to find out what is the awesomeness that is Charley, I really want her to find more of what she is capable of. My only complaint is that I want more time with Reyes and Charley together. I like the sexy times but I really want to feel like there is a deeper connection that magnetism. I like the direction this series could be headed in and can’t wait to read the next installment.3.99 Stars....Full review to come after camping this weekend.I want more Charley and Reyes time together!!!! Yep that's it. O.o and my favorite quoteNever trust a man with a penis