The Wizard Heir - Cinda Williams Chima 3.5 StarsContemporary Fantasy is how I would classify this, I think that is a category. It is interesting because in most fantasy books I’ve read the environment is almost as much a character as the people in the story. Not so much the case in a contemporary fantasy. I will say that I prefer straight up fantasy but this series is growing on me.CWC writing has definitely grown since her first book. This story seemed to flow a little better than the The Warrior Heir. Seph is a wizard orphan, his guardian is the law firm that holds his trust. Through a series of accidental wizard power leaks he ends up at an all-boys school that isn’t exactly what it seems. This was a darker story than its predecessor. The wizarding community is shown as much darker and the trials that Seph endures are horrible. We don’t really get to see Jack, Ellen or any of the other characters from trinity until about half way through the book. The start dragged a little for me only because it was dark and the torture seemed to go on a long time. Once Seph got to trinity the story seemed to pick up for me. I liked the two new main characters that were added Jason another wizard and Madison who is interesting for entirely different reasons. The ending was smart, suspenseful and action packed so I will forgive the lull while Seph was at the school.While this is not my favorite fantasy series, this book was stronger and the overall story of the guilds is becoming clearer. If you like strictly fantasy I recommend reading The Seven Realms Series by CWC. If you are up for something more contemporary then give this series a shot.