Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones 3.5 But rounded up for the overall concept and love of the first book.“IF IT HAS TIRES OR TESTICLES, IT’S GONNA GIVE YOU TROUBLE. —BUMPER STICKER”Just a quick side note, the quotes before all of the chapters are all hilarious and one of my favorite parts of the book. They are fun to just flip through and read for a chuckle.Ah, this one is really Charley knows best…..but does she really? I tended to think she did not. I still very much enjoyed this book. It still has much of the same brazen humor and quipy dialog. The mystery PI story arc was well conceived with a good twist so that kill was not who I expected them to be. But as much as I like that story line I’m a sucker for the underlying arc of Charley and Reyes and they spent so much time not on the same page I got a little frustrated. Still they had a few moments of magic between them.“Time-out,” I said. He twisted his hand around and wound his fingers into mine. “You‘re putting me in time-out?”“Yes,” I said as a shaky sigh slid through my lips.“If I don‘t go, do I get a spanking?”Reyes has escaped from prison and is in hiding. He is trying to protect Charley from being discovered. She just won’t let it go and is bound and determined to find him and save him. It doesn’t matter that he is older than dirt and has far more knowledge than her. She ignores all of that to do what she wants. Along the way she makes some interesting discoveries about Reyes life and how far he will go to help the people he cares for. He is still such a mystery he often paints himself in a bad light and Charley tends to think the worst of him but most of his actions to be protective I’m still not sure if he is bad at being good or good at being bad. Sure he is the Son of Satan but really is that such a bad thing.“That you honestly believe I am capable of hurting innocent people for no reason.”“You’re not?” I asked, hope softening my voice.“Oh, no, I’m more than capable. I just didn’t realize youknew that.”Cookie has a dead guy in her trunk and her friend Mimi has gone missing. She asks Charley to help her find out why her friend is in trouble and track down where she is hiding. I really liked this part of the story. It was interesting and I really wanted to find out why Mimi would leave her doting husband and children to hide out. There isn’t quite as much humor as the first book but it is still really funny. There are a lot of side characters but they all add a little something to the story so I didn’t mind although I had to remind myself a few times who some of them where. I liked how Charley learned more about herself and her abilities as well as who/what Reyes is. I didn’t love the end of this book, but I will trust (crosses fingers) the author has a plan and will win back my affection for the romance aspect of the story and this will make that all the sweeter in the end.