Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead

“The answer came to me before I'd even finished asking myself the question. I couldn't be Mason's girlfriend because when I imagined someone holding me and whispering dirty things in my ear, he had a Russian accent.”


I’m a big fan of the forbidden love, the it can never work out until it does love.  I enjoy the sexual tension in a story when it is done well.  I’m not a huge fan of contrived love triangles and obstacles and I can tell already that in this series there will definitely be some.  But I read the Georgina Kinkaid series so in Richelle Mead I will trust and go on the journey she has created.


This has an interesting take on the vampire world.  There are the big bad dead Vampires and good living vampires.  Each has its own benefits and drawbacks to them described in the story but dead vampire want to eat and kill the living version…..interesting.  Also there is another class of humans that act as guardians to the living vampires.


 The story revolves mainly around Rosa and Lissa a guardian and her charge.  Right from the get go I was intrigued by the premise of the story.  Lissa and Rosa have been on the run for awhile and living on there own.  They are captured and sent back to an academy for Vampires and Guardians.  Very slowly throughout the course of story it is revealed why they ran away and were on the run.  But someone is trying to recreate the events that lead up to Rosa and Lissa leaving.  They need to find out who before she losses it and goes crazy. Add in a few hot guys, a relentless high school gossip system and two girls with a special bond and stir.


“A ghostly smile flickered across his face. "If you weren't so psychotic, you'd be fun to hang around."
"Funny, I feel that way about you too." He didn't say anything else, but the smile grew, and he walked away.”


            I loved how fiercely Rosa and Lissa are attached to each other, even if their actions were a bit juvenile and mean at times.  They have a lot of room to grow.  I really like Christian’s back-story he seems like the underdog that I’m going to pull for long term. 


            I will say some of the ridiculous cattiness of high school was revisited for me throughout.  Boys claiming to sleep with people they haven’t, girls spreading just as many rumors to win an imaginary battle (I don’t miss high school).  A section of the book really delved into the motivations of trying to hurt others through rumor and the unending cycle of hurt produced by that.  But that said there were great moments of snarky humor and some bonds of true friendship shown.


This is a solid start to a series, I got a nice feel for the world that is being created and definitely enjoyed the building of a few relationships along the way.  The forbidden love story of mentor/teen has been done before but this seemed a little different and new and I’m interesting in where that particular story line will go in the future.


All and all we are off to a great start and I’ll be interested to see where this goes next even if there is a dreaded love triangle in the future.