Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - Wow mind just blown:Insurgent the follow up to Veronica Roth’s first book Divergent was a fantastic roller coaster ride. We pick up right where Divergent left off with our group seeking some refuge to regroup after all the action at the end of Divergent. The group consisting of Tris, Four and some others end up at the Amity compound who like Switzerland would like to remain neutral in any conflict. Amity is not the best place to keep Dauntless since it is friendly at all costs and wants no conflicts. Tris and Four later end up at Candor after fleeing Amity where they are arrested due to some misunderstandings that took place at the end of Divergent. There they are given truth serum and questioned to prove their innocence.After being reunited with the remaining Dauntless that do not want to cooperate with the Erudite they find a way back to the Dauntless compound. There they are still plagued by the Erudite and Tris once again makes a decision that will possibly change her life forever. Should she sacrifice herself for her friends or fight alongside them.The things I loved about this book is Tris is going through so much so fast and how should she process everything that has already happened with what is happening. We get a bigger in depth look at how the other factions live. In each faction there is good and bad, none is perfect. We also see the factionless more in depth the way that society functions and the contribution they can make to the fight. Four is fantastic, he has a great back story and his devotion to Tris is epic. They are a little disjointed at times with everything that has happened to them in their short relationship but that seemed real. I liked that Tris was a strong individual and even though she and Four might have had a disagreement she did what she knew to be right, knowing what it could cost her. Instead of worrying will I still have a boyfriend? She is strong and smart and stands up for the things she knows to be right, even when the person she has to stand up to is the one she loves the most. The final show down in the end of the story was wow I can’t wait to see how Veronica Roth wraps up her trilogy. If you liked Divergent you will love Insurgent.