Wicked as They Come

Wicked as They Come - Delilah S. Dawson Maybe I’ve been reading too many YA books because Wicked as They Come was hot.Letitia has been left a little broken after a very bad long term relationship. Her life is a little empty, except for her job, and unsatisfying. After one of her hospice patients dies she finds a locket at the estate sale and in it is the picture of a beautiful exotic man with dark hair and eyes that seem to stare into her. The locket transports her to the land of Blud. I loved this world, it was dark and sinister and primal in many ways but it was also magical, steampunk and full of wonders. Woodland creatures have fangs and can bite and drink your blood. The costuming is Victorian with corsets, gloves and wonderfully bright color gowns for the women and the men wear long tail jackets, shirts with frilly collars, gloves and hats. It is like a Jane Austin novel took a turn into a wantonly wicked land and I couldn’t get enough. Criminy Stain is a naughty Mr. Darcy and completely swoon worthy. He is a bludman, which is like a vampire without the aversion to garlic, holy water or sunlight. He was born that way and grew up in the mischievous land of blud. He enchanted and sent out the locket to find his prefect match and while he is sure of Letitia she is not sure of him. I loved his character he was charming, endearing, patient, dangerous and witty and from what I read an extremely good kisser. While at times I wanted to slap Letitia for not swooning immediately for him and back flashing to her bad boyfriend Jeff I always loved Criminy. Just the banter and dynamic between them kept me riveted but there was also an adventure and journey to retrieve the locket and save the bludpeople from genocide. This was one of the most original worlds I’ve read in a while it was witty, sexy and fun.