Through the Ever Night

Through the Ever Night - Through the Ever Night is even better then its predecessor Under the Never Sky.While some middle books in trilogies have a tendency to never go anywhere just building for the third book this did not fall into that category. There is plenty of action, world building and character development. Rossi lets the world develop naturally as we again follow the two separate PoVs of Aria and Perry. We learn more about the Aether and group dynamics of different survivors of the Unity. The story picks up right where Under the Never Sky ended with the reuniting of Aria and Perry. He is now the Blood Lord of the Tides and there will be trouble because Aria is a Dweller and not readily accepted.The interactions between Aria and Roar are also great in this book. I like that Rossi has made them such close companions but it is always a friendship that never expands past that. Proving that two people of the opposite sex can have a dynamic together that is not love related. Roars story with Liv is beautiful and heartbreaking.We are also introduced to some of the Dwellers as an unlikely leader of them helps Aria out and vise versa. Allies will be made and betrayals abound while Perry tries to solidify his place as leader of the Tides and Aria searches for the Still Blue.It all comes to a head and sets up nicely for the next installment. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for our characters. The romance between Aria and Perry is growing to become one of my favorites. There are true tender moments and building of the romance between them, but it never overshadows the plot of the story. I also like how Rossi has made them strong together and apart. Sure there are some moments of doubt they have many obstacles still to overcome but neither falls to pieces when the other isn’t there. Life doesn’t end and they still move through the plot. Unlike a few other YA novels I’ve read.That’s about all I can say without putting in spoilers. This is a great read if you like romance/action adventure/sci-fi/slight dystopian novels.