The Selection

The Selection - The Bachelor meets Everafter I liked the setup of this story, America Singer is wrong in almost every way her caste is wrong, her heart has already been taken, her very name is wrong which makes her perfect for Prince Maxon. After being manipulated into signing up for the selection thinking there was no way she would be chosen America’s secret first love breaks her heart. She is miraculously chosen for the Selection a way for 35 girls to compete to become the princess. She leaves her family with a broken heart and her first meeting with the prince is not her best foot forward, she is actually rude and short with him. But it makes a lasting impression and they become friends. America offers to help Maxon by just being a friend to him and being honest with him to help him narrow down the field of girls. Of course the seeds of affection grow and America starts to have feelings for Maxon, how could you not he is a prince who is also sweet charming understanding forgiving and basically the best of all qualities good. But alas now America has to decide of the handsome prince or the beautiful boy from her childhood who is still in love with her and ah the dreaded love triangle begins, although it is more like a love octagon with all the other girls vying for Maxon to pick them to be his princess.Let me just say Grrrr….. I totally have a love/hate relationship with love triangles. I really liked where the story was going and even though I knew Aspen would be drafted and show up at the palace somehow I hated it when it happened. The part about the rebels is intriguing and I wondered why no one seems to know all the history of how the United States of America became Illia there is some set up for a future world arc there. Still the bachelorette aspect was sorta fun to see the twinges of jealousy and the way the girls slyly competed trying to edge each other out while America wasn’t really trying and was winning Maxon’s affections just be being herself. Overall, a fun story not entirely original but a good spin on some classic themes. I look forward to delving into the world a little deeper in The Elite.